Class schedule
New students are invited to first enroll in our Taiko 101 workshop. Afterwards or simultaneously, students can enroll in a series of four classes covering a variety of instruments, stances, techniques, and repertoire (Movement and Matsuri, Naname Fundamentals, Odaiko and Shime, and Power Taiko: Ha!).

After completion of the four classes, select students will be encouraged to enroll in Beyond Basics, which concentrates on form, timing, ensemble playing, soloing, and improvisation. If you have previous taiko experience or any questions, please contact us at so we can determine the most appropriate class for you. We hope to get you drumming soon!

Due to COVID-19, Portland Taiko has transformed its in-person taiko classes to online class sessions! These classes continue in the fall with “Power Taiko: Ha!” for our beginning-level class and “Beyond Basics” for our advanced students. Class registration will begin on Wednesday, September 16. This summer, we hosted two wonderful online guest workshops with ManMan Mui and Kris Bergstrom. Watch for additional guest workshops in the winter!

Taiko 101 Workshop Online
Wednesday, September 30, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Fee: $15.00 plus Eventbrite fee ($1.78)
Registration via Eventbrite, Workshop via Zoom.
Learn the basics of taiko (rhythms, stances, hitting techniques, and a song excerpt) from the comfort of your home! No drums or sticks necessary. Workshop registration includes a tutorial on making bachi (sticks) from two paper grocery bags.

Power Taiko: HA! 
Wednesdays, October 7 through November 18, 6:00 to 7:15 p.m.
Fee: $110.00 plus Eventbrite fee
Registration via Eventbrite, Class via Zoom.
Beginning-level class: This high-energy class will emphasize spirit and perseverance as students learn Portland Taiko’s signature piece, HA! Students will learn how kata (form), kiai (voice), and koshi (using your core), create a full-body experience that will generate a good sound, high energy, and group cohesion. Prerequisite: Taiko 101 workshop.

Beyond Basics
Wednesdays, October 7 through November 18, 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Fee: $110.00 plus Eventbrite fee
Registration via Eventbrite, Class via Zoom.
Advanced-level class: This online session of “Beyond Basics” for advanced taiko students will focus on beta-style drumming, an approach which accommodates a wide range of home drumming setups. Students will work on different ji-patterns (recurring pulses), explore ambidextrous drills, and learn and review Portland Taiko pieces such as Ha, Amaterasu, and Handa na Kayo. The final project will be a group video recording of Ha (filmed individually and edited together). Prerequisite: Four beginning-level classes and permission from instructor. 


All workshops and classes are held at online unless otherwise specified. Sorry, we are unable to provide refunds for workshops or classes.