Portland Taiko performs at The Reser Nov 2023
Photo credit: Rich Iwasaki

Help Us Replace Our Homemade Okedos With Real Drums

Two homemade okedo drums. The drum heads are packing tape.

Yes, that drum head is made of from packing tape.

Right now, the exchange rate is in our favor, which means a drum that would normally cost $2250 plus shipping can be purchased for about $1550 — including shipping and import duties! 

Of course, we don’t expect any one person to cover the cost of something so expensive, but every donation helps, whether it’s $5, $50 or $500.


Book a Performance or DEI Activity

You can also support Portland Taiko by booking a performance, corporate event or DEI activity in 2024. Use our online form to submit a performance request or email performances@portlandtaiko.org.