Karen Chu

I was first exposed to taiko my first year at UCLA and was immediately drawn to the rhythms I heard on campus during a performance. I began taking classes at San Francisco Taiko Dojo during my summer and winter breaks throughout college since then. I took a break when I went to graduate school and after 6 years, I am excited that I discovered Portland Taiko upon recently moving here and to be able to play again. Hitting and dancing around taiko drums reminds me of the ecstatic feeling I get from playing taiko. My first taiko performance was at the 2019 Portland Taiko Bonenkai. As a trainee, I am really looking forward to endless learning and improvement as well as getting to know the community better! I am a civil and environmental engineer by day and during my spare time, you can find me outdoors, at the climbing gym, or planning for my next backpacking adventure.