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Kelsey Furuta

(Artistic Leadership Team, Performance Coordinator)

One of my most memorable taiko experiences was at the Regional Taiko Gathering, held in my hometown of Seattle in 1998. I had been playing with my youth group for about 5 years, but when Portland Taiko took the stage, I immediately knew that I wanted to join them someday. After performing with Tsunami Taiko in Seattle, TaikoProject in Los Angeles, and Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble in Honolulu, I joined Portland Taiko in 2009. I enjoy teaching (I’m a stickler for basics and details!) and I love performing. Someone once told me that I’m much more animated on stage than I am in life. Growing up, I was an extremely shy and quiet kid. But when I found taiko, it felt amazing. I loved being a LOUD and strong little Japanese American girl! These days, taiko resonates with me for many different reasons, but I will always remember how I felt when I first hit the drums. When I’m not taiko-ing, I’m chasing around my toddler! 

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