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Keiko Araki

(Artistic Leadership Team)

I first saw taiko at the Powell Street Festival in Vancouver, BC, and became involved with Portland Taiko as a volunteer and class member. Since 2008, I have been a performer, artistic staff member, beginning class instructor, violinist, composer, cowbell player, and van backer-upper. I enjoy feeling a deep connection to the community through our mission-driven work, and I am proud to be able to carry on the PT tradition (started by the founding directors Ann and Zack) of featuring the violin in our repertoire. Some of my favorite taiko memories include the Minidoka Pilgrimage in 2010 and unexpected moments during live performances (Toshiki broke a bachi during his solo! Lisa’s drum started to roll towards the edge of the stage in the middle of Amaterasu!). I also perform onstage (and knit backstage) as a member of the Oregon Symphony violin section, haunt Portland’s yarn shops, conduct culinary experiments for my husband, Adam, and nap with my tuxedo cat.

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